Client Briefing

In partnership with sponsors, OSW Supply Chain serves as a trusted resource to assist all stakeholders, including businesses and local communities, in understanding how they can engage in the future of offshore wind development.

This project is aligned with the Renewable Energy and Sustainability Center at Farmingdale State in collaboration with the Composite Prototyping Center (CPC).  

Alongside an Interaction Designer, Stephen Garafola, my role includes cultivating a complete brand identity, over-all art direction, production of graphics, social media, advertisements and website UI feedback.

Sketching & Ideation

Our client wanted something modern and memorable in the world of offshore wind. The goal was to create a brand identity that upheld the innovative mission this company set out to create.

Below you can see my thought process, initially being pulled towards words such as "clean", "organic", "aerie", and "dynamic". This mind mapping session actually ended up housing the inspiration for the final logo (shown up above).

Logo Design Details

This responsive logo design evokes the clean, dynamic, and technologically advanced field of offshore wind, featuring a soft graphic of a wind turbine graphic. Source Sans Pro was slightly adapted, notably creating a perfect circle in the O's counter space and re-shaping the stroke ends to imply a fluid motion.

To continue this implied motion, the full sized logo variation features the company official name in italic. This responsive design allows the logo to collapse into a recognizable graphic, used for social media, graphic assets and the site's favicon.

Color and Typography

In contrast to the white wind turbines that sit offshore, a dark blue acts as a dominant color, symbolic of the ocean surface. In harmony, hues of blue are used throughout the OSW brand to add variety while supporting a sophisticated tone.

In compliment, pops of orange are used, drawing inspiration from the orange vest OSW workers wear on site. By utilizing orange as a call to actioning the UX design the user is effortlessly directed through the site.

Implementing the Brand

From promotional screens to swag, see how the brand was carried and adapted to fit different stages of this small business's growth.

I over saw the brand implementation across the site, you can visit it here

Social Media Marketing & Userbase Growth

After a year of release, OSW had gain traction from many students on Long Island, from business to manufacturing oriented, college & high school. In effort to provide more digestible media, OSW Tidbits was created on Instagram & Linked In to engage a younger audience through news graphics. #oswtidbit

Not released yet.

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