Client Briefing

The IWA, a registered nonprofit, is one of the northeast region’s leading advanced manufacturing workforce-development training organizations. They provide essential programming for incumbent and in-transition workers, and college and non-college bound students; from energy to aerospace, pharmaceuticals to building trades.

The IWA partners with industry, government, and educational institutions to fill the employment pipeline for in-demand engineers, and installation and technical service workers, with a focus on hard-to-fill positions, and on low-income, high needs communities.

Ideation & Sketching

Making use of the acronym IWA was a must in this logo creation.

In my experience key to nailing a typographic logo design is thumbnails. Having a general idea of type faces in my head I can begin to imagine how characters will sit next to each other or overlap into ligatures.

The beveled composite texture idea came to light through my quick shading in my sketches. The team ended up associating my sketch style with composite textures.

Logo Design Details

This logo features Futura PT, a bold and modern type face, manipulated in Adobe Illustrator to create a unique acronym logo. A key feature of this design is the beveled composite texture. This is representative of the composite field this institute supports.

In the upper right a small geometric visual is symbolic of the institute and their partners supporting students to higher levels. There is an overall energy of diversity and inclusivity, shown through use of colors and shapes.

Rather than a corporate mood, IWA is curved and inviting to all in the associated branch, with a mobile first approach. IWA is not as a composites manufacturer or prototype center, but is viewed as a strategic partner that organizes workforce groups, government, and industry entities.

Color Choices

This bubbly color pallet was curated to appeal to a large audience, focused on upkeeping a friendly yet professional look. This was achieved by taking a minimal complimentary color selection and using tints and shades of them. These tonal variations add a sophisticated touch.

Ui Specs & Assets

From typography to illustrations, and photos, brand identity flows through out our digital presence.

Employing the Brand

From print to digital presence, explore how a strong brand identity was maintained, adapted, and marketed across multi-medias.

Web Design

Information Architecture, UI/UX Design and Web Development was lead by UX/UI Professional Stephen Garafola.

In this collaborative journey I held the main role of ensuring brand cohesivity across pages, I did this through developing global back-end settings. Also, I ensured visual design principals were maintained and upkept across web pages.

Below you can view a glimpse of how we communicated UI thoughts and revisions. Ultimately this system was an excellent structure for two creative minds to compromise.

View the newly launched site:

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